Thursday 4 August 2011

Following mother

I found this card in the local shop that is somewhere between a junk shop and an antique shop.  I think they would like to call themselves an antique shop, especially after having appeared on one of the television antiques programmes.  Maybe it would be churlish of me to disagree.

It is from Vietnam, sent in 2007 from someone who was trying to see the whole country in two weeks.  That seems very optimistic to me.  All the card says on the back is "Following mother to the field", also in French.  I often forget that Vietnam was once a French colony.  It looks as though they are in a rice field, weeding.  Back-breaking work.

I know a lot of people have terrible memories of Vietnam but now it appears to be a popular holiday destination.   I must admit I'd love to see it myself.
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  1. You can tell if they belong to an ethnic minority by the way they are dressed. And yes, VN is now a popular holiday destination especially to young backpackers. The accommodation and eats are very cheap!

  2. Oops, it's supposed to read *ethnic minority group*

  3. The little boy that seems to be really watching something, appears not so happy to be out romping in the them they no doubt are saved from all the back breaking work...for now anyway! Nice clear and colorful post card! A true moment in real life...

  4. I was there for 19 months between 1968 & 1970 and I love the card. There are really some beautiful places over there.


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