Wednesday 24 August 2011


I imagine this is an advertising card because it is published by Lufthansa.  It shows a Boeing 747-400.  That means nothing at all to me, all I know is that I like the image.
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  1. In all my flights I've yet to actually fly in a 747 and I was still in school when the 747 first came out...and I so said someday I'll fly in one....hasn't happened yet!

  2. I haven't been in a place since I got home from Viet Nam in 1970.

  3. Yes, I picked up some of these on a Lufthansa flight within the last ten years. I think it's a great marketing tool.

  4. I've flown several times on a 747. Wish I were doing it still!! I've flown Lufthansa before as well.

  5. Lufthansa always has postcards on their planes. It's pretty cool, actually!


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