Friday 5 August 2011

Richard the Lionheart

In central France, somewhere south of Limoges, there is a tourist route called after Richard the Lionheart, or Richard, Coeur de Lion, as he is known in France  It wouldn't surprise me too much to hear there are other routes named after him but this castle at Chalusset is on the one near Limoges.

The route is hopelessly confusing because on it you can find Chalusset sometimes spelled Chalucet, and two other castles called Chalus-Chabrol and Chalus-Maulmont.  They all are considered to have some connection with Richard but in reality Chalus-Chabrol has the strongest claim, being the place where he died from a crossbow wound in 1199.

Richard, I feel, had poor PR.  He was considered a bad king "and didn't even speak English".  Well, no.  He wouldn't.  He was raised in France by his mother Eleanor of Aquitaine, with little expectation of ever being anything other than the Duke of Aquitaine.

But I haven't the time to go into his life story here, you will be relieved to hear.  I will leave you with the link to Postcard Friendship Friday, on Beth Niquette's blog The Best Hearts are Crunchy.


  1. I do love history and thought someone called the Lionheart should get a better deal!!!!! Happy PFF!

  2. happy PFF! The theme for Sunday Stamps is anything you wish.

  3. Thanks for the information. I had no idea. I assumed he was a well loved, very strong king.

  4. Castles are wonderful! I saw some in Germany and was amazed at their beauty. Cannot comprehend how they were built back when the big construction equipment did not exist. The churches were equally awesome.

  5. Nobody of the royal families spoke English at those times, so it is a bit strange to hold this against him. Nice ruin!

  6. I hope not because not being able to speak english was the reason for him being the "bad king".

  7. Very interesting post today Sheila. Have a great rest of the weekend.
    Odie :)


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