Friday 16 September 2011


Two more cards sent to me by Emm of Emm in London. I've chosen to show the two together because they do show up the contrasts in South Africa.

First Johannesburg in the evening.  Johannesburg is in the smallest South African province of Gauteng, as is Pretoria.
"Lights of the glittering metropolis stretching from densely populated Hillbrow to the distant SABC Tower on Brixton Ridge"

Second, an informal settlement or shanty town.
"One of the many informal settlements which sprang up around South African cities after the ending of apartheid."
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  1. Wonderful sunset over the city. A contrast of fortune that can unfortunately be seen in a lot of the cities of the world but in the 'informal settlement' I guess you would know your neighbours, in the centre of the city maybe not.

  2. Love the contrast here. Great cards!

  3. Happy Friday! I'd love to visit South Africa some day. The informal settlement looks sad!

  4. Great choice of postcards, Sheila. What a stark contrast, indeed. At the rate things are going on these days, the gap between the poor and rich became wider than ever. I wish it weren't so.

    Postcards Crossing

  5. "You think differently in a palace, than in a hut." Feuerbach exaggerated when he said NO: "And Feuerbach himself states this in plain terms:

    “Man thinks differently in a palace and in a hut. If because of hunger, of misery, you have no stuff in your body, you likewise have NO stuff for morality in your head, in your mind, or heart.”"

  6. Informal settlement can also be another way to say 'slum'. So sad.

  7. Yay! Lovely to see those postcards today. I'll always miss my home but have made a home here for now.

    I really like this post, I feel it does justice to the huge contrasts you see in South Africa. Thank you.

  8. The contrast is very dramatic. It is sad to see so much poverty in our world. It exists even right here at home.


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