Monday 12 September 2011


A photo taken by Xu Yong, a famous photographer interested in taking shots of local people especially in rural areas.  This one shows a typical roadside stand in a western village of China which is less developed and still retains some ancient lifestyles.


  1. Very nice. It reminds me of some of the pictures my parents took when they went to China years ago.

  2. A common scene in rural Asian communities. Very down to earth feel.

  3. I saw some areas like that in Viet Nam and enjoy shopping in little markets like this.

  4. @Christine, that must have been a wonderful trip. I'd love to go.

    @lostforwords, yes, I'm sure it is a very common scene.

    @Odie, of course, Viet Nam must be very similar.

    @Explorerminded, I'm happy you like it.


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