Thursday 29 September 2011

The Night Heron

A beautiful heron, sent by Aimee of Aimee's Land,  flew al the way from the USA to arrive at my house today. 

The picture is one of many by David Bates, focusing on his interest as a fisherman and hunter in the swampy areas and lakes of Arkansas, East Texas and Louisiana.  He says,
"My work in the last few years has been a process of allowing myself to paint subjects that I really cared about - finding my own place that is special to me. My Grassy Lake pictures are more than a series of paintings for me. They represent the ongoing life of an ancient lake swamp in which I am privileged to participate."

He painted this picture in 1986-87, oil on canvas. If you're ever in the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, you can see it there.
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  1. Please send him back!! ha ha...just kidding, I know he's not really alive! But they are so fun to have follow you about the hopes you may land a fish he can steal right out from under you!

  2. That must be fantastic, to have one follow you! The herons we have here seem very shy.


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