Tuesday 20 September 2011

Toledo city gate

Puerta Vieja de Bisagra, as it's called on the card, Puerta de Bisagra everywhere else, dates right back to the 11th century.  It is one of the city gates in Toledo, Spain.  It's sometimes called Bisagra Antigua because there is another Bisagra, a newer one dating from 1559.

The old city gate is the only one from the Moorish era to have survived in a reasonable state.  On the other side of the gates, the Arab ramparts have survived almost intact.  They were built on Roman ruins and now shelter the Old City.  The Puerta de Bisagra was the main city gate and a good source of tolls from people entering and leaving.
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  1. A wonderful postcard. Toledo is such an interesting city!

  2. 'Bisagra' is a word that I used to hear from my grandfather, a memory of my younger years when he wants to fix something w/ the door. I really wasn't able to figure out what it was until now that I am older.

  3. Beautiful card. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Such an inviting view! Great place to visit too! Thanks!

  5. @Aimee, I'd love to see the city. Maybe one day. :)

    @lostforwords, how interesting! :)

    @Stuffelleaneous, thanks for visiting!

  6. It's incredibly beautiful - and one of those amazing achievements created before the advent of machines and power tools.

  7. @Christine, so true, and I have to say much more beautiful than most of what they do these days.


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