Sunday 2 October 2011


I've never had a card from Liechtenstein before, nor do I have any Liechtenstein stamps that I know of, until now, of course.

The card shows a farmhouse in the rural lifestyle museum in Schellenberg.  It is one of the oldest dwellings in Liechtenstein, built in 1518.  It was built in a block design and could be, and was, taken down and rebuilt elsewhere.

The stamps:  top left - one of the "Brand Liechtenstein" issue of stamps (as is the sticker down the middle); bottom left - one of the"Views of Villages" series; bottom right - a stamp commemorating the 150 anniversary of the oldest traditional bank in Liechtenstein, the Liechtensteinische Landesbank.  If you read the code on the stamp with a smart phone and it will take you to the bank's anniversary site.

I am embarrassed to admit that it was quite a while before I realised the stamp at the top right was in fact printed on the card.  Time to visit the optician, I think.

This is a post for Sunday Stamps, now hosted by Violet Sky at "See it on a Postcard!"


  1. I am waiting for the day that I can receive a postcard w/ matching stamps :p

    Right now what I have are stamps w/ matching stationery paper & envelope from my penpal in Finland.

  2. A nice contrasting selection of stamps, a lot of thought has gone into it. I like the technology aspect of the bank stamp, and the colour. Wonder if the site will be still up for future stamp collectors.

  3. These are the first I've seen fom Liechenstein. Glad there was more than one.

  4. A lovely variety of stamps on the postcard, and I had no idea smart phones could read stamps!

  5. A first for me as well and happy to see it.

  6. Aha! more Liechtenstein stamps to go with one of my earlier Sunday Stamps entries!! I like the one in the lower left.
    Thanks again for participating!!

  7. I'm not sure I would have been able to tell that the one stamp was printed on the card either. I have never been to Liechtenstein, but I have a travel cell phone with a number based in Liechtenstein.

  8. I have also received my first card and stamps from Liechtenstein lately. But I received other stamps :)

  9. The smartphone idea is clever. The stamp printed on the card is camouflaged by the other stamps, so it looks like the regular type of stamp.

  10. Interesting stamps, including the one with QR (quick response) code!

  11. I also had no idea you could read stamps with a smart phone. Learn something new every day :)

  12. Hee hee. I laughed aloud when I read that about you not noticing the stamp printed on the card - I had to tell Ste it was just a blog thing! I am in such dire need of new contact lenses that I wouldn't have noticed either.

    I'd love to spend a summer doing this place up! It looks lovely.

  13. @lostforwords, it's something special, though I have no matching stationery. :)

    @Joy, I don't know about the site and I wouldn't know how to go about testing it. I hope it's still there.

    @Bob, yes I like them all, especially the ones "on theme".

    @Lisa, I didn't know smart phones could read anything!

    @Odie, thanks for visiting when I know how busy you are.

    @Viridian, I remember those!

  14. @Christine, a phone with a Liechtenstein number? Odd. There must be some advantage I suppose.

    @Marcie, it's quite a "rare" country!

    @Postcardy, thank you for giving me a good excuse. :)

    @Dorin, I did see it called QR but I didn't know what they meant. I know now, thanks.

    @Caroline, I still don't know how.

    @Emm, but the worst was that I spent ages trying to find out what it was, because it wasn't listed on any of the online stamp dealers etc. .....


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