Thursday 6 October 2011

A market in Provence

A traditional market in Provence in the south of France, with quite an emphasis on garlic by the look of it.  I like the message on the card:
There are more varieties of fruit and vegetables and fish than exist in other places.  Weather not up to the English summer at the moment.  It was lovely up to today, and according to two different forecasts tomorrow will be (1) better or (2) worse.
I know the feeling.  Summer here has ended and we're (probably) going to suffer a drastic drop in temperature and (probably) see some rain.  Well, I suppose it is October.
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  1. Ha! Our breath of fresh air (and sunshine and blue skies) is certainly over!

    This is a pretty postcard. I've certainly been convinced to visit France this summer what with your postcards and my friends' holiday pics.

  2. Hi Emm! I think there's something for everyone in France. It's a much larger country than I used to think.

  3. The outdoor markets were one of my favorite things in southern France! Thanks for sharing!

  4. @Stuffelaneous, yes, you and me together.

    @Petitek, thank you. :)


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