Sunday 16 October 2011

The old town of Lijiang

Lijiang in the Yunnan Province of China has a history reaching back 800 years and once was an important trading centre.  It is built facing a river from which a complex series of waterways and channels has been developed to supply every house.  As a result there are plenty of bridges, 354 in all leading to the it being called the City of Bridges.  Now it's on UNESCO's World Heritage List.

My card arrived with the following stamps:

Unfortunately the perforations don't show up well on the scan but the stamp on the left is diamond shaped (and upside down).  The next ones arrived on a different card

I always find stamps from China are very attractive even though I rarely have any idea what they are showing.

This is a post for Sunday Stamps, now hosted by Violet Sky at "See it on a Postcard!"


  1. What a charming looking town. Such character.

  2. Great stamps- China has some lovely ones. Thank you for participating.

  3. I love the old town of Lijian! I have a postcard showing it at night, and it just looks so lovely and charming! And i enjoy seeing so many lovely Chinese stamps today....they just never cease to amaze me! Esp. when portraying something from the Chinese culture and tradition or something related to history and people, like that one showing the man in the second set of stamps here.

  4. I certainly agree that Chinese stamps have swept the board this week.

  5. Lovely card and stamps, there's been a wonderful selection of Chinese stamps this week.

  6. That's an amazing number of bridges in Lijiang. China Does have a lot of nice stamps.

  7. Looks wonderful, imagine trotting across those bridges to the shop.
    You seem to have a New year theme going with your stamps. The first stamp on the left is a "Happiness with the Spring" for special use as a Happy New Year stamp. I've only received a square one of that set:-( The building is the Grand Sutra Hall at Labrang Lamasery. No idea what the other is, from squinting at it may also be something to do with new year and the 12 animals.
    Your next two down are from the New Year Zhangshou Woodblock prints, I do like the Rat Marrying off its daughter one, such detail.

  8. I would be ecstatic to have a copy of the Lijiang postcard. I'd pay for a poster. I'd pay,I'd pay, I'd pay! It's beautiful. You have some of the most interesting cards.

  9. This is such a picturesque and lovely town. Other than Guangzhou which I visited one day on a cruise, I haven't been anywhere in China - oh, yes, I have been to Hong Kong twice, before it became part of China again. I would so love to see this lovely place.


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