Tuesday 11 October 2011

United Arab Emirates

This is another of my bric-a-brac shop finds.  There is a postmark on the back of the card from Dubai, dated 1995 but I see another on the front from Gatwick.  I'm not sure why that should have happened.  There is another on the back, over the stamp. 

The picture at the top on the left is Fujaira Fort built of mud bricks, recently renovated and restored.  Pictures I've found on the internet do look as though the renovation took place after this picture was produced.

I'd say that a lot has changed on Jumaira Beach too, unless this is either different from Jumeirah Beach or a section away from the modern developments.  I would have thought they would have been started by 1995.  Maybe it's an old card.
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  1. Looks like a very nice beach!

    I've ridden on an elephant but never a camel. I'm not sure one would appreciate my heavy weight.


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