Monday 12 December 2011

A mere trifle

Or maybe a jelly.  I gather from the publisher's website that this is a postcard intended for colouring in but I rather like it the way it is.  It leaves plenty of scope for the imagination.  It comes from the Netherlands and was written on the evening of 5 December, when they celebrate Sinterklaas, though I believe some places celebrate on the morning of 6 December.
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  1. Suche a lovely hat matches the ever so lovely dress of the invisible lady. Very nice.

  2. One of the most unusual cards I have ever seen.

  3. Perhaps we are meant to DRAW our own conclusions?

  4. Oh I love this....and yes I grew up in America but my family still carried down the tradition of putting our shoes out on the eve of the 5th of St. Nicholas would come sometime during the night and by morning we'd know....!

  5. Very nice title for this post. I like Nell's suggestion. I also like the idea of having a trifle sitting in front of me right now.

  6. @Limner, especially worn at a jaunty angle!

    @Odie, me too. :)

    @Nell, nice one! :)

    @Karen, I think I've been missing out on this tradition.

    @Christine, oh yes trifle is one of my favourites - but no jelly in it! To jelly or not to jelly, that is the question.


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