Thursday 16 February 2012

Rocamadour times three




Rocamadour is in the Midi-Pyrenees region, towards the south of France.  The buildings are arranged in three layers almost vertically up the face of a cliff.  At one time, it was the knights who lived in the highest levels, the clergy in the middle and the lay workers at the bottom nearest the river.

Only about 600 people now live in this beautiful and interesting village but during the year 1.5 million visitors troop through it.  Once it would have been pilgrims who were on the Route of Santiago de Compostella and visiting the church of Saint Sauveur (one of the seven churches) and St Amadour's crypt.  They still do visit but are vastly outnumbered by tourists.

As you can see from these postcards, it is a stunning sight, no doubt about it, but if you plan to visit go out of season.
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  1. Wow, what a gorgeous town. I can see why it is a UNESCO site.

  2. Would be a very interesting place to spend some time for sure.

  3. I'd be a nervous wreck if I lived there. LOL. Beautiful but nerve-wracking. How do they manage a steady water supply if there's drought? Do they have earthquakes?

  4. It looks like a a lovely place.

  5. I love that part of the world. It seems like every hilltop has a beautiful old fortress, church and village spiraling down the side. People who lived there were in very good shape apparently.


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