Thursday 8 March 2012

Cap Blanc Nez

On a clear day they can see England!  The cliffs near Calais in France, even nearer to Coquellles where the trains through the Channel Tunnel arrive, are part of the Nature Park of the Côte d'Opale.

From the back of the card:
By taking the trail you will discover this imposing chalk cliff rising to 134 metres.  On a clear day you will be able to admire the English coast and, to the south the Bay of Wissant and Cap Gris Nez.  

Cap Blanc Nez translates as Cape White Nose but probably comes from Blannest meaning headland of good colour.  It is almost over the point where the Channel Tunnel emerges and near the infamous Sangatte refugee camp which was closed in 2002.  Cap Gris Nez is maybe best known as the nearest point to England, 21 miles or 34 km.

The monument shown is of Hubert Latham who made the first attempt to fly over the English channel.  On the same day he became the first person to bring an aeroplane down on water.  There is another monument on Cap Blanc Nez to commemorate the Dover Patrol which kept the Channel free of U-boats during the First World War.
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  1. You are bringing back memories of our trip to Dover....the Dover Castle, we all toured the new at that time underground tunnels, and rooms that they had recently opened...what an amazing tour that was! It was like stepping back in time! I have a new fondness for the song the White Cliffs of Dover since we were there! What a lovely area, it all is....the bluest water ever on our Castle visit.....someday we may get back there too...but there is so much to see that we never got to....!

    1. When I get back home (which is very near Dover) I will root out some Dover Castle cards to jog your memory still further. :)

  2. Very pretty, love the colors.


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