Thursday 29 March 2012

A dell within a garden within an arboretum

When I imagine Texas, this is not the first image that comes to my mind.  However I'd be wrong because this postcard shows the Palmer Fern Dell which is part of the Jonsson Color Garden which is itself part of the Dallas Arboretum.  During the summer, a misting system (designed by NASA) is used to keep the area several degrees cooler than the surrounding area.
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  1. You're right about it not making you think of Texas but it is a great picture.

  2. LOL. Yeah, we don't mind y'all being surprised. People tend to under estimate our state, but we have something for everyone. This reminds me of the Dam B area, Houston, Katy, Jasper . . . Very nice postcard. Our misting is natural. Imagine seeing a herd of deer stepping through the mist in a suburban neighborhood. Awed, I stopped. There wasn't anything else I could do. :)

    1. In my defence, the only postcards I've ever had from Texas have shown cattle, cowboys and, I think, one oil well. :)

  3. As strange as this might sound... this actually strongly reminds me of the Highgate cemetery (in London, that I went to visit during a real downpour. There's a sense of peace and past in this image, it's weirdly evocative!

  4. Wow, that is really stunning. It reminds me of fairies and woodland stories and certainly sets off my imagination!


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