Wednesday 14 March 2012

St Jacobs

"The Mennonite communities of St Jacobs Country add to the idyllic and historic feeling of the marketplace", so says the text from the back of the card.  The person who sent to to me lives not 20 minutes from the community in Canada and tells me that the Mennonites still travel in a horse and buggy.

They sound rather like the Amish people and in fact, when I investigated further, the Amish denomination was founded after a schism with the Mennonites.  They originally came from the German and Dutch speaking parts of Europe and many emigrated to North America to avoid persecution.

St Jacobs is in southern Ontario and was originally called Jacob's Settlement after the Mennonite farmer who developed the town.  It has a year-round farmers' market where a great range of food and crafts are sold, often by Mennonite farmers.
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  1. I didn't know there were Mennonite settlements in Canada. These communities must be such a sight!

  2. a tiny town just 4 minutes drive from St. Jacobs. In fact, it is where I buy and mail most of my postcards. Yes, we do hear and see the Mennonites drive their horse pulled buggies along the streets.

  3. That is what I love so much about Lancaster, Pa. where there are many Amish and Mennonite. The Mennonite even have a full scale model of the "Tabernacle" from the wilderness in the bible. Awesome place to visit.

  4. I live just 4 minutes drive from St. Jacobs, In fact, it is where I buy and them mail most of my postcards.


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