Wednesday 2 May 2012

Legendary Thailand

There is a legend, with several versions, that there once was a fisherman (or a giant) who lived on the coast of Thailand.  He had a beautiful daughter who both he and his wife, without consulting each other, promised in marriage to two different people.  Or the girl fell in love with a local boy.

When the time came for the girl to marry, both suitors turned up.  In all versions I can find, the poor girl ends up being cut in half and turning into an island or islands.  Then the one of the intended husbands turns into a hill and the traditional gift becomes the Khao Sam Roi Yot (mountains of 300 peaks).

The area is now a national park which shelters several rare species of animals.  Part of it has been nominated as a Ramsar site, dedicated to the conservation and sustainable use of wetlands.
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  1. I love learning about legends from other countries

  2. Great just wonderful to read about this country which I know very little about

  3. Interesting story. Leaves one torn.

  4. I love Thailand though I only spent a few days there before
    a cruise that stopped at several Thai beach resorts before heading
    on to Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.


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