Friday 27 July 2012

The Olympic Games London 2012

Today the Olympic Games start officially.  The last time the Olympics were in London was in 1948, 64 years ago.  This postcard is a reproduction of a poster from that event.

It comes from a souvenir pack of 5 similar cards, an Official Product of London 2012.  Later next week I will offer this pack in a competition, along with three other packs, all souvenirs of the London 2012 Olympics.  Watch this space!

This is a post for Postcard Friendship Friday hosted on Beth Niquette's blog The Best Hearts are Crunchy.  Just click on the button to visit and join in.

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  1. Interesting, 1 was only 1 year old at the time

  2. How wonderful! The last time the Olympics were anywhere close to where we live was when it was in Canada. I'm praying for everyone's safety there in London. I love this postcard.

    I posted PFF a bit late today--today was a very hard day. I hope everyone will forgive me. ((hugs))

  3. Great postcard, how generous of you to offer it in a competition, I hope it won't be a triathlon.

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  5. What a fitting postcard! Very nice!

  6. I hope I can trade for one of those London 2012 cards. I need it as a gift for a superior. :)


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