Monday 22 October 2012

Greetings from New Mexico

I have a friend who lived in New Mexico so when I saw a few postcards from that state up for sale several weeks ago, I couldn't resist them.  I have several but I'll try to space them out with other cards, rather than overwhelm you with them all at once.

The first card shows the roadrunner, the New Mexico state bird (and of Looney Tunes fame), with above "New Mexico chile drying in the sun".  The spelling of "chile" is the Spanish version but "chili" is more commonly used.  In the UK, India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan, "chilli" is the usual spelling.  The word chile has nothing to do with the country Chile.

The second card shows bread baking in Taos Pueblo in the upper half of the card.  It's a pity the top of the picture was cut off.  It would make a nice card in its own right, especially since the Pueblo de Taos is a UNESCO World heritage Site.

The lower picture is of the New Mexico State Capitol**, known as the Roundhouse.  It is the only round state capitol in the USA.  Any recent images of the building show it painted in a sandy brown colour rather than the green shown here.  I wonder whether the card's colour reproduction is poor or if the capitol's colour has been changed over the years.

That could help date the cards.  They are deckle edged which usually dates to the 1960s or 70s.  The cards are unused so there is no clue from a postmark.

**I have always been confused by the difference between capitol and capital.  I have finally realised that "capitol" is the building and "capital" is the city in which the capitol is found.
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  1. It's so funny you mentioned that, my daughter and I just looked that up last week as she posted a photo of our Minnesota State Capitol in St. Paul our capital of Minnesota she wanted to get it right! Just another fun and odd thing about our language right? Or some people might mistakenly put down write, right! Ha! Ha! This is a very cool postcard!

    1. I think the English language is endlessly fascinating but I do feel sorry for anyone trying to learn it. So many traps!

  2. I have always wanted to visit that part of the country but alas it so very far from NC.

  3. I always used to get confused, as well, by pri.ncipal and principle and stationary and stationery.


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