Monday, 3 December 2012

Deësis from Belarus

For some reason I always find medieval art and music very attractive and this image, although painted much later, is in that style of traditional iconic art.  An icon in Eastern Christianity is usually a flat panel where the subject is a holy person or persons, or objects.  A Deësis is specifically a figure of Christ with the Virgin Mary and St John the baptist on either side.

This card came to me from Belarus and the image was painted by Vasily Markianovich in 1758, using tempera on board.  Tempera is an egg based paint which doesn't darken or change over the years, unlike oil paintings.
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  1. I learned something new here! I am not well versed in iconography but am growing in appreciation for it.

  2. Very pretty. I didn't know that about tempera paint...nice that it stays bright in its color.


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