Thursday 24 January 2013


A view of Cannes on the south coast of France, the cote d'Azur, and a reminder of summer.  If I'm honest, that type of beach doesn't appeal to me in the lest.  There doesn't appear to be a square inch of free space.  Give me a deserted beach in the winter, that would be my preference.  In the background you can see a distant view of the Alps.
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  1. I was in Cannes in mid June and the beach was almost empty.
    but I agree, it looks far too crowded in this view!

    1. Spent a week in the countryside years ago. I seem to remember the beach not having sand. I think it was covered in stones. Never went down to the water though. So many other things to see and do. Had a rail pass and the urge to see everything.


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