Sunday 13 January 2013

The beginning of the London Underground

PHQ card showing first London Underground line

PHQ card showing tunneling for the London Underground

Two of the stamps, shown here as PHQ stamp cards, in a set of 10 to commemorate the opening of the London Underground, the oldest underground transportation system in the world.  They were issued last Wednesday, 9 January, the exact date of the opening of the first line.  The general public was admitted the following day.

The full set traces the development of the Underground and also shows some poster art.  There are in fact 11 PHQ cards because the eleventh shows the mini-sheet.  Altogether too many for one post.  Sadly, not all the designs are available as individual stamps.

This is a post for Sunday Stamps, now hosted by Violet Sky at "See it on a Postcard!"


  1. Those look a lovely set, I haven't looked to see what's coming out this year. The mini sheet stamps are lovely designs, but I thought mini sheets used to cost just the face value of the stamps, this one seems more expensive.

  2. Wonderful. I so want to come to London for some of the special events (I'm working on it, it may happen!)

  3. Conditions during the building, as shown on your stamp, look really grim. Thanks for participating.

  4. I love this set! What a way to commemorate this anniversary :)

  5. I must get out more! I saw a lot on TV last week but nver thought of stamps. Now if only this d.....d snow would go I might get some. They look good.

  6. These are wonderful. There are some great photos showing the history of the Underground on The Times website at the moment.


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