Monday, 7 January 2013

The Liverpool & Manchester Railway 1830

The first and second class carriages

Third class carriage and sheep truck

A horse box and carriage

A goods truck and mail coach

The Rocket

Five PHQ stamp cards illustrating stamps designed by David Gentleman and issued in 1980.

The Liverpool and Manchester Railway started operating in 1830 and this series of stamps was issued to commemorate its 150th anniversary.  It was one of the first railways and the world's first to have trains timetabled and ticketed.

The fourth stamp illustrates a railway mail coach which foreshadowed the end of the horse drawn mail coaches seen in the previous post.

See also The Slap & Tickle: Passions and Follies for a picture of the 1830 Warehouse.
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  1. These stamps are so delightful!

    1. Thank you. :) Once upon a time I had the actual stamps but they are long gone.

  2. I do like these stamps very much, Sheila. Especially the "Rocket". :) Thank you for the link, too.

  3. What great colorful.

  4. Swoon! I grew up in Rainhill where Stephenson's Rocket took part in the Rainhill trials. I have such a soft spot for that little rocket. I love these stamps, especially the last one!

  5. Hi i have this collection i was wondering about the value.

    1. I've seen the full set on ebay UK going for anything between £2.99 and £4.99


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