Saturday, 2 February 2013

Brittany costumes and customs

The people of Brittany in France have a distinctive culture all of their own.  This includes first and foremost the language, but also music, often played on an instrument not unlike Scottish bagpipes, and dancing.  Possibly the most visually distinctive feature of their culture is the Breton headdress or lace cap.

There are said to be over 60 variations of this lace cap, some for ceremonials, some for work, some for mourning.  Each part of Brittany has its own style and the influence of the church on the region of Brittany and hence the style of the cap can often be seen,.  Where the church had greatest hold, the caps were more subdued in style.

There are hats in the photo prompt this week in Sepia Saturday and it's a very short step from a hat to a lacy cap, in my eyes.

A post for Sepia Saturday.  A click on the button will take you to the Sepia Saturday blog where you can find links to all the other people taking part.
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  1. A nice touch with women/girls and hats! The last little girl is adorable!

  2. Hats are amazingly complex cultural objects aren't they.

  3. They're quite different from Dutch lace caps, which I'm far more familiar with from my own family photos. I've never been to Brittany/Bretagne, but it's one of the places on my proverbial bucket list.

  4. I've been there a couple of times but you rarely see these lace caps. Maybe on special occasions only. But they are very nice. Do women wear similar ones on the other side of the Channel?

  5. I love the way that, on that five view postcard, the tall hat seems to have been specially designed to match the space available.

  6. Lace caps are much more decorative. I don't remember ever seeing anything like them in Britain.

  7. These are wonderful and the lacy caps are quite fancy! Great take on this week's theme.

    Kathy M.

  8. As Bob says, I know of no equivelent on in The British Isles.Maybe It's Too Windy & wet here?

  9. Someone brought me back a lacy hat similar to these. But I think it was from Holland. I wonder where it is. Haven't seen it in a long time. But now I want to find it and wear it and have my picture taken so some day I'll end up on Sepia Saturday.
    Great post.


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