Friday 8 February 2013

Heart to heart

As nobody has thought to send me any Valentine's Day cards (but I suppose there's still time) I'm showing a card that's about to be sent out rather than one I received.  It comes from a book of postcards by Jan Constantine, all with stitched Union Jacks as a theme.

This is a post for Postcard Friendship Friday hosted on Beth Niquette's blog, The Best Hearts are Crunchy.


  1. Love the stiched Union Jack.

  2. Oh, I really like this one but then again, I am a hopeless romantic that loves hearts and the colour red!

  3. What a beautiful heart--I hope you get scads of Valentine Cards. This postcard is quite lovely in its simplicity. I just LOVE it!

    Happy PFF!

  4. I haven't had a Valentine's card in decades.....
    This card is unique!


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