Thursday 21 February 2013

Lucerne and the lake

Lucerne or Luzern towards the north of Swizerland lies on the side of Lake Lucerne (or Vierwaldstättersee in German).  One of its main attractions is the wooden Chapel Bridge and water tower shown on this poster from 1936. Sadly the bridge was almost burnt down in 1993 though it has since been restored, but many the original interior painting were destroyed.  There used to be three of these pedestrian bridges but only two remain, this and the Spreuerbrücke.  All had 17th century paintings in the triangles formed by the roof trusses.

The poster has been reproduced as a very attractive postcard by the Museum für Gestaltung, the Museum of Design, in Zurich.
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  1. I love Lucerne! It's other-worldly beautiful. I know that it was mostly repros, but I remember one of the panels on the bridge depicted the bubonic plague.

  2. Yes its beautiful, but I happened through on a stormy day. I think that is where I saw the Chagall Stain glass windows. Beautiful even in a storm.


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