Sunday, 17 March 2013

Green Ireland

Ireland is where I was born and to some extent it was where I was brought up too.  I almost went back for my university days but decided on somewhere else in the end.  It didn't stop me visiting family as often as I could in the meantime.  As a result I consider Ireland to be "my" country and so I find the cosy cottage image of Ireland shown on so many postcards quite irritating, especially when they come with stamps like the one shown above marking UNESCO's World Year of Physics which allows a more modern Ireland.  The contrast is fun though.

This stamp was sent in 1981, the 50 year anniversary of the Youth Hostel Association in Ireland.  An Óige means "youth" in the Irish language.  I'm pleased, even amazed, to find I haven't forgotten it all.

The final stamp is my favourite one and comes from a set shown in its entirety today by Bob.  I really wish they would re-issue them.

This is a post for Sunday Stamps, now hosted by Violet Sky at "See it on a Postcard!"


  1. I'm pretty sure Ireland is all quaint cottages and mossy rock walls. I saw the John Wayne movie, after all. Perhaps a quaint village or two. Certainly no cities.

    Are you quite sure?

  2. the tourism industry does like to perpetuate those quaint stereotypical views (which people like me tend to like when it is another country).
    I also really like that 1920s stamp best.

    1. I hadn't read Max' response before writing mine. honest!

  3. well 'quaint' is just such a perfect word to be used here :) beautiful!

  4. The tourism industry has a lot to answer for even if it is essential to many places, not just in Ireland. I like that YHA atamp.

  5. The UNESCO stamp looks really special. It took me a while to see the physics aspect though.

  6. I saw the John Wayne movie too! On e of my favorites.
    Thank you for participating.

  7. Happy St. Patrick's Day, Sheila. I didn't know you were Irish. I'm part Irish myself. Sadly, in all my travels, I never made it there. I'm beginning to wonder if I ever will. The stamps are beautiful.

  8. I love the youth hostel stamp, I spent happy times youth hostelling when younger although never in Ireland by the time I visited it was in one of those photogenic cottages. Thanks for letting me know about the link.

  9. Hi!
    I need a couple of postcards with UNESCO heritage sites from Ireland for my UNESCO blog project.
    Can you help?


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