Wednesday 6 March 2013

The Island of Formosa

From the back of the card:
L'isle Formose, et partie des costes de la Chine suivant les cartes et les observation les plus récentes et entre autres des RR PP Jésuites par Nicolas BELLIN (1703 - 1772 ) Ingénieur de la Marine.
Echelle de lieues marines de France et d'Angleterre.
[carte gravée probablement en 1748]

This is what's written in the inset bottom left and translates roughly as:

The island of Formosa, and part of the coast of China according to the most recent charts and observations, among others the RR PP Jesuits
by Nicolas BELLIN (1703 - 1772) Navy Engineer.
Scale of nautical leagues of France and England.
[map engraved probably in 1748]

It was sent to my from Taiwan.

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  1. Quite a number of years ago, my two younger sons and I spent Thanksgiving in Taiwan. We had a wonderful time. The National Museum there is incredible!


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