Tuesday 12 March 2013

The Vatican and Rome

It seems an appropriate time to show a postcard of Rome in Italy when all eyes of the Catholic church, and many others too, are turned in the direction of the Vatican waiting for the news of a new Pope.

The card is an aerial view of the city of Rome with St Peter's Basilica and the Vatican in the background on the left, and Castel Sant' Angelo of Dan Brown's "Angels and Demons" fame (amongst other things :) ).

I have other cards of the same views:  the river Tiber and St Peters and Castel Sant'Angelo
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  1. Liked today's postcard. Although an aerial view it is still easy to recognise the buildings.

  2. I spent my 64th and 65th birthdays in Rome, prior to to departing on Mediterranean cruises. Both trip were wonderful for because I was with a group of friends. . I was really sad to see, however, so much graffiti everywhere, even on wonderful monuments and statues.


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