Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Street seller in Salvador

A woman selling something called acaraje on the streets of Salvador in Bahia, a state in the north east of Brazil.  Acaraje is a speciality of the area but is also found in Nigeria, Benin, and Ghana.  It's a type of fritter made from black eyed beans, deep fried and then split an served with a spicy filling.  It sounds delicious!

The sellers of acaraje are women who wear white dresses like the one shown on the card.  They are known as Baianas.
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  1. I like the name baianas! :)

    Acaraje is not for me though cause I don't like spicy foods.

  2. I've had this! It was cooked for us by Nigerian friends and it was spicy but delicious. Interesting how the food traveled.

  3. What a lovely subject for a postcard. I like her dress and I think I'd love those fritters. I wonder whether I ever tasted it when we lived in Nigeria?

  4. I am always sorely tempted to eat street food in my travels - it usually smells so tempting - but I'm usually too cautious, always fearful that a bout of "turista" might interfere with my enjoyment of my adventures.


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