Sunday, 13 October 2013


I was so pleased with the "map" showing Melbourne's Port Phillip Bay because it arrived with one of the five Road Trip Australia stamps first issued in September 2012, this one showing Phillip Island which is best known for its penguin colonies.  I'm always delighted when the theme of the card has some connection with the theme of the stamp.

I also do have these PHQ (Postal Headquarters) stamp cards but I seem to remember Bob Scotney showed them as stamps a while ago.

And I also have a stamp booklet from the British Design classics series:

There were several in the series illustrating such icons as the telephone kiosk, the double decker bus and the London Underground map, but this one shows the Mini (the car not the skirt which was also in the series).

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  1. Hmmm. I never thought about marching stamps and postcards! I guess I'll have to try that in future although lately it's been an exercise enough just to post items in foreign post offices!

  2. Good to see that Morris Minor Traveller on the Australian stamp. I showed the stamps you mentioned on an FDC

  3. The road trip stamps are a fun set.
    The British design classics is another set I missed, but I find the booklets and (most) minisheets very difficult to find for sale at a post office. I'm sure they would sell more if they were easier to find (instead of having to order online).

  4. The stamps I don't remember, but the Mini I do. Very fond memories.

  5. What a wonderfully shaped curling bay. I love the road trip series of stamps.

  6. love the mini, its a true classic :)


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