Saturday 30 November 2013

Spectator sports

I focused on the sporting aspect of the theme for Sepia Saturday today and found this card showing spectators at Victoria Park, 1961.  It doesn't actually say where Victoria Park is, I imagine vast numbers of towns have a Victoria Park, but I'm making a guess at Victoria Park in London's Tower Hamlets based on the fact that many of the cards in this series are of London.  You can still see similar informal football matches there.

I did in the end find a card showing a moustache...

Maintenance on the clock face of Big Ben, 1950-1960s.   In case you don't believe me about the moustache:

These postcards are from English Heritage, created from their range of images showing social history, as well as architectural and industrial heritage.

An entry for this week's Sepia Saturday on the subject of moustaches (for Movember).
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  1. Wow. I had no idea Big Ben was quite THAT big! Interesting photo, & great sleuthing to see that the fellow had a moustache.

  2. Two fascinating photographs reflecting this week's theme.

  3. How interesting to get a perspective on the size of the clock.

  4. My favorite of the two is the one of Big Ben. Amazing coincidence that the repairman had a moustache.


  5. Thanks for sharing such diverse photos...I instantly thought of the film Hugo when I saw the clock maintenance man.

  6. Wow, that clock is so big!
    I wonder what today's OH&S rules would say about his ladder!?


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