Saturday 2 November 2013

Timber framed houses

In the same stash of postcards I came across last week were these three of timber framed houses.

The first is unfortunately no longer standing.  The Old Dutch House was built in the 17th century in the centre of Bristol.  It wasn't called the Old Dutch House until much later, in the 19th century.  The story goes that it was built from Dutch timber, possibly from an old ship.

It was damaged during an air raid early in World War II and demolished soon afterwards in 1940.

God's Providence House in Chester is happily still in use. Although there was a building on the site from the 14th century, the current house was built in the 17th century like the building in Bristol.  There is a shop at street level and another reached by steps forming part of Chester's unique Rows.

God Begot House in Winchester, the oldest of the three (dating from 1050) is one I know well from the years I lived in the Winchester area.  When I knew it, it housed a chocolate shop, which can't be bad, but now I believe it is an Italian Restaurant.  On my large first scan of the card, it appeared that there was a hotel and restaurant in the building.

It was once owned by Emma, wife first of Ethelred the Unready and then of Canute.  When she died she bequeathed it to the monks of St Swithun.

An entry for this week's Sepia Saturday on the subject of houses.


  1. These are all beautiful, master designs, and too bad the first one is gone, that was really special too.

  2. Wonderful examples of wood framed houses. The first one was magnificent. To last as long as they did is a great credit to the builders.

  3. God's Providence House is my fav of the bunch.

  4. Three magnificent houses, a pleasure to see on postcards.

  5. What a pity the first house is no longer standing! I love Chester, every year I say I'll return and take a holiday there. I haven't been to Winchester yet but this postcard makes me want to! 1050!!??

  6. There’s something about those timber framed houses isn’t there? - all steeped in history.

  7. Still boggles my mind to think of having structures in a neighborhood that are so old. I just can't wrap my head around it. And I love the way different cultures made their buildings so decorative. I think also of southern Germany with the painted buildings. These day we get graffiti.

  8. That last one, God Begot House, is amazing, I'd love to see inside these old houses


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