Monday 23 December 2013

Positively Perfect Postcards (from MOO)

With the summer well and truly over, we could think of nothing better than paying homage to our favourite postcards. The postcard is a chameleon, disguising itself as holiday memories, snapshots from around the world, invitations to special events, or a brief note to someone special.

Here at MOO, we love that people appreciate postcards as much as we do, and to the extent that you can send them through email, apps, and the internet, but nothing can beat the arrival of a card through your letterbox, that’s been designed, chosen, written on, and addressed to you.

The best bit about postcards? They’re easy. Forget about having to worry about weight and size limits when you’re posting it, enjoy how half of your message can be translated through the image on the front, stop worrying over how to write what you want to say. Postcards are quick, beautiful, and a wonderful combination of thoughtfulness and great design.


From the picturesque to the pretty rude, the postcard is an essential part of any holiday. Whether you’re buying them to send home to family and friends, or to remember the sights you’ve seen (a handy trick if you’re not great with a camera!), choosing, writing, and sending postcards is the best way to let loved ones know that you’re still thinking of them while on the beach/riding an elephant/climbing a mountain (and in no way responsible for outbreaks of jealousy on home shores).

With their compact size and ease of transportation, postcards can be a brilliant vessel for displaying works of art. Exhibitions featuring vintage holiday destinations and postcards from years gone by have always been popular, opening up a glimpse into the past. Many artists and designers also use the postcard to display their work, giving their followers a smaller and often cheaper option if they want to own some of their work.

Have a special event coming up, and not sure of the best way to advertise it? Postcards, of course! With uniform design, and the ability to add your own message (or stick the same one on each), they’re not only eye-catching and strong enough to not get lost among flimsy pieces of paper, but also a pre-made souvenir of the event. If you need to display anything during your event, such as a menu, order of events, or additional information, continue with your theme: have the invitation’s design on one side, and everything people need to know on the other.


Thank yous, hellos & I’ll miss yous
For someone who’s gone slightly out of their way for you, an occasion you’re thankful for, or an opportunity to say hello – look no further than our favourite pieces of card. Emails are great when you need to speak to someone quickly, but if they deserve more than that, take it up a notch. Send a postcard to the person who’s just hired you; write a note to a potential business partner; let that person who always goes out of their way to help you, know that you appreciate it. Postcards are casual, but heartfelt, simple, but effective, and personal, but not long-winded.

Spreading a bit of love
If letters take too long to write, and emails just don’t cut it, send out some postcards. They don’t need to be long – just a couple of words to a friend can be enough to brighten up a day. Many organisations around the world use postcards to unite strangers: from sending in secrets, to finding penpals, and being given a voice.

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  1. This definitely says it all. I do love postcards for all the reasons so well described above. I used to send them to everyone when I traveled but, in recent years, I have been remiss. I love seeing all yours.


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