Thursday 9 January 2014

Full of formative moments

"The road of life is usually bumpy but colourful and full of formative moments!"

This card has just arrived from Germany.  It's very apt.  I had a formative moment today when I received an email today which expressed a wish to continue seeing my daily postcards.  I have let things lapse, I know.  Last year wasn't the best of years - too many bumps - but now it's time I restarted with more regular postings.  I can't promise every single day, but at least more often.
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  1. I hope 2014 is a better year for you. I look forward to seeing more of your collection :)

  2. I so much agree with that! I hope 2014 will be better for you as well. I can sort of relate...2013 was the slowest year for me when it comes to mail and blog updates due to that thing called -life- but i promised myself that I will try more in 2014 and be more active mail-wise :)


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