Sunday 2 February 2014

Belarus, map and stamps

I struggled to know what exactly was meant by folk art, where to draw the line between it and "fine" art. Wikipedia defines it as art used to decorate useful objects and the art in itself is not a source of income, though even they say the lines are blurred.

It was on this map card that I first saw one of the Belarusian decorative applied art series of stamps.  In fact, even though the card is cartoon style, it appears that the woman is holding a cloth decorated with embroidery, the skirt and hat too.

The top stamp illustrates satin stitch (and comes from a minisheet, while the second is cross stitch.  There is a third which shows counted satin stitch.

They were produced by the Centre for Belarusian culture, language and literature research.  this is a picture of the three mini-sheets :

From Kiev Philately Club

N is the surface mail rate for postcards going abroad, M is the air-mail rate for a postcard abroad, and H is the surface mail rate for a letter going abroad.

Now that I had the idea of folk art in my mind, I saw several other examples of folk art:

Batik from Indonesia. Batik Basurek is produced in the province of Bengkulu on the island of Sumatra.

A joint issue between Serbia and Algeria showing what I take to be a carpet from Algeria.  The minisheet shows an alternative design for the same postage rate but the stamp is in Cyrillic script.

From Post of Serbia

This is a post for Sunday Stamps, now hosted by Violet Sky at "See it on a Postcard!"


  1. It shows how old my World album is - Serbia is under Yugoslavia and Belarus doesn't get a mention at all. So I'm pleased to see their stamps, including the fine art.

  2. Love the stamps showing carpet designs! You have found some beautiful examples.

  3. Wow, I'm impressed by the beauty of these designs. The third mini set is perfect!

  4. Serbian stamps rarely disappoint me...they are just awesome!! and it is cool to see a joint issue with Algeria!

  5. While the card is cute, it's the stamps that are amazing. Being a needleworker, those stamps are truly wonderful.

  6. Love all your choices. The colors are fantastic and very cheerful.

  7. i am again pleasantly surprised with belarus stamps...serbian post always issues great stuff and this is no exception :) really wonderful examples for today's theme!

  8. trying again to comment: great stamps! and textiles too! thank you for participating!

  9. Thank you for sharing! I happened to have posted the embroidered rooster, too (I love that one and was waiting for some opportunity to post it :-) ), but I didn't see the others so far. Beautiful!

  10. I mused about the meaning of Folk Art too but you've come up with the answer with this great selection. I love the Serbia/Algeria miniature sheet, I like seeing people working their craft.


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