Wednesday 26 February 2014

Reading in Macau

Once upon a time children would concentrate on books, maybe on magazines too.  Nowadays they spend as much time on phones and tablets and games consoles.  I think many of us would consider that they are losing out, maybe by losing the ability to concentrate for any length of time, the ability to spell and even the ability to imagine.

The children on this postcard were pictured in Macau in 1967 by the photographer Fong Chi Fung, as part of a series, Yesterday Forever.  The title of the phot0 is "Concentration, San Kiu District".
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  1. That photo taken from Macau is amazing: really captures the essence of the children and the time. At least it seems like it now, when looking back. And I feel that your pondering over the influence of i.e. tablets and technology itself is valid, yet to scratch beneath the surface we would need to do almost a whole study on the topic.


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