Sunday 16 March 2014

Letters, postcards and postboxes

In 2002 the Royal Mail issued a series of stamps with the title "Pillar to Post" to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the first pillar box.  I thought I had  the whole series of 5 as PHQ cards but the ones above are the only ones I can lay my hands on today.

Apart from these I found several from the Netherlands:

I believe there were several designs of the Postcrossing stamp, and I'm fairly sure I have had others but they must be filed in the same place as my pillar box stamp cards.

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  1. I really like seeing all the different GB sets that I totally missed - the Pillar to Post being yet another one -so I can add them to my mental list of things to look out for.
    Pretty cool that postcrossing is celebrated on a stamp.
    I know what you mean about filing, I have a similar system ;).

  2. I've not seen those stamps of the pillar boxes, so happy to see them! I think there were 4 different postcrossing stamps issued by the Netherlands. Now there are some just issued by Finland - I hope to receive those, eventually.
    Thank you for participating.

  3. I missed Thee Pillar to Post as well. That VR box is superb.

  4. The pillar box stamp designs are wonderful!

  5. I like your choice. I have received myself the stamps from the NEtherlands, but I hadn't seen the pillar boxes. They are wonderful!

  6. I have soft spot for that small child practising handwriting (it’s the former teacher in me!); it’s actually quite a clever stamp. Thank goodness she managed to spell ‘Nederland’ correctly.

    1. Little Nell, I understand that they don't even teach handwriting in schools anymore. That is pretty frightening to me. What if you don't have a keyboard or electricity handy.

  7. love those pillar boxes and hope you can find the others!

  8. I like the pillar box set. Those two look very Christmassy together.

  9. I love the green post box. I've never seen one that color.


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