Friday 23 May 2014

Circus Festival

Once upon a time I had a stamp that matched this card from Monaco, or at least looked very similar, but by the time I found the card the stamp had long gone.  The Monte Carlo Circus Festival is an annual event.  Although It's many years since I've been to a circus, I think the artwork on this is wonderful.

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  1. Great card--I love poster style postcards.

  2. Beautiful - looks vintage and the black background make the colors just pop! Carol

  3. This would be perfect except for the little clown in the corner. but that's just my bias against clowns.

  4. I adore that fierce tiger! Thank you for posting. lol I had to laugh a little at VioletSky's comment about clowns.

    Have a lovely weekend, and Happy PFF!

  5. I love circus, but also I haven't attended any spectacle for ages. I'd like to receive this postcard or any circus-related.


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