Sunday 8 June 2014

The History of the Royal Air Force

A set of five stamps, shown here as PHQ stamp cards, was issued in 1986 to mark the reorganisation of the Royal Air Force.  They were designed by Brian Sanders and show:

17p - Lord Dowding, with a Hurricane
22p - Lord Tedder, with a Typhoon
29p - Lord Trenchard, with a De Havilland DH/9A
31p - Sir Arthur Harris, with a Lancaster
34p - Lord Portal, with a Mosquito

Two days after the anniversary of D-Day, it seemed an appropriate set to show though the truth is I was all ready to post about next week's theme of fairs etc. and had to do some fast thinking.  At least I am prepared well in advance for next time.

This is a post for Sunday Stamps, now hosted by Violet Sky at "See it on a Postcard!"


  1. Those are beautiful illustrations. Thank you for adding the link to Brian Sanders (and from there I found other links), he has made really beautiful artwork.

  2. Unlike you, I have absolutely NO idea what to post next Sunday :)

    Sanders's artwork is awesome! This set of stamps really caught my eye today!

  3. The only thing I have on next week's topic is a British fair--probably same thing you are planning.

  4. A most appropriate set for the anniversary of D-Day.
    I have a couple of vague ideas for next week's theme, but they are accompanied by the other (familiar) thought of 'where are they?'.

  5. I'm another struggling for next week.
    This is a beautiful set - I wonder what chance I have of finding it at 'my' market stall!

  6. Nice set of Air Force Stamps

  7. These are wonderful - they go nicely as a companion set to mine!

  8. I know next week's theme is a hard one - interpret broadly! Maybe animals you might see at a circus? I do have a stamp in hand for it though. I've been thinking of D-Day too and the few veterans of WWII still left alive, and the courage they still show.

  9. Love the stamps and some names of the planes.

  10. Combining aeroplane and portrait makes the stamps so interesting. I'm always fascinated by illustrators so enjoyed looking at his other work through your link. I did love the fact that he did the police stamps set and when asked to change his mounted policewomen into a man he refused.


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