Wednesday 9 July 2014


The first time I imported this image I had it rotated so that all the gargoyles were sitting up.  They looked a lot more comfortable that way until I realised they wouldn't appear like that on the building, in this case the Hotel de Ville in Brussels, Belgium.  And the second clue was the position of the name "BRUSSELS".  I must be a bit slow today.

The Hotel de Ville is on the Grand Place which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


  1. Hahahaa...that is SO cute! I would have done the same thing, Friend. (grin) I love your scary gargoyle postcard, but I also love your comments. Made me laugh today. Thank you!

  2. Gargoyles are so amazing! I wish more of today's buildings had interesting architectural details.

  3. Do you know what is a gargoyle? I checked dictionary and now i know and the blogger has correctly posted the postcard image in horizontal.


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