Monday 25 August 2014

Mappa Mundi

I was in Dover Castle (Kent, UK) on Saturday and spotted an old map on the wall so I was pleased to find a postcard of the map in the Castle shop.  The map on the wall is a replica but I haven't been able to find out of what.  On the back of the card it says it is "the Mappa Mundi" but there are several of them.  According to Wikipedia, any map of the world made during the Middle Ages is a Mappa Mundi.

It shows Europe to the left, Africa to the right and Asia at the top.

A Mappa Mundi for Monday.


  1. Maps are always a bit confusing to me....thank heavens for GPS.

  2. I was in Dover castle and now i was searching to information of the map and saw this, May be interesting for somebody this Page:


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