Sunday 31 August 2014

Wetlands and amphibians

I had to turn to amphibians because I've shown snakes from Taiwan, and with the Petit Prince, dinosaurs from the Jurassic Coast, all sorts on the Origin of Species.  And could find no more reptiles.

I was quite pleased that the amphibian stamps arrived on cards from places I think of as, well, damp.  Finland is often called the Land of 1000 Lakes; Ireland has rivers and lakes galore, and in my mind Denmark comes somewhere between them.

This is a post for Sunday Stamps, now hosted by Violet Sky at "See it on a Postcard!"


  1. These are great. I hadn't seen any of them before today. The Finland stamp surprised me the most.

  2. I love your association of wetlands and amphibians...still I cant say I like amphibians any better than reptiles, though that Finnish stamp does look cute...reminds me of the story with the Princess and the Frog...that turned into a Prince after being kissed :)

  3. Good choice. Especially for the nice Finnish frog ;)

  4. The Finnish frog sure looks cute and lovable!

  5. i always thought that the finnish frog looks a bit alien..! i like the one looking directly at the viewer it even has a wise look heh


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