Saturday 1 November 2014

New Yorker

It really isn't easy to use the Blogger app. There is no html and no option to add any links, no way that I have yet found to add labels.  However I managed to upload a number of postcard scans so I'll try to plough onwards.

The card shown is one of a boxed set of New Yorker covers and the first I've received.  It fits very well in my books/libraries/reading collection. 

I've bought a couple of boxed sets myself and they are extremely good value even though I find I am left with a few cards that don't seem suitable for anyone.


  1. a lovely card. The boxes of postcards are so tempting, I do enjoy selecting the 'right' card for someone, but it can be time consuming (in a good way) :).

  2. I like that one - I've had a couple of other New Yorker ones that fit the reading category.
    Once or twice I have been asked for the most boring postcard I can find so there are occasions when those impossible to send ones come in handy. :-)


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