Sunday 4 January 2015

Astronomy is not astrology

I have had one of those long standing battles with my aging PC this week and have been backing up everything full speed (dead slow).  That should guarantee the aging PC will stagger on for another few months so that I can't justify buying a nice whizzy fast one just yet.  So I apologise for not having visited people.  I should do better .

Astrology evaded me but I found a few examples of astronomy and this one made me smile.  A rather puzzled smile but a smile.

The set of stamps, here shown as PHQ stamp cards, was issued in 1991 to mark Europe in Space and the work at the observatory in the Canary Islands.  They were designed by a Belgian artist (sticking to the European theme) and apparently are intended to make people wonder.  Yes, they do that.  One pair symbolises man looking out to space and the other someone looking back at man.

This is a post for Sunday Stamps, in its new home at See it on a Postcard!


  1. You have reminded me to do a back up. As I studied astronomy at university i found these stamps interesting.

  2. those full and crescent moon eyes are a bit creepy! I would never have known had it not been explained.

  3. I wouldn't have picked up the connection except for your explanation! I studied astronomy as an undergraduate too.

  4. Those are cool designs.

    I am hoping that my computer will last until Windows 10 is available, but I don't think it will.

  5. I found these puzzling too.

  6. I liked those stamps (although I only have one pair) and they certainly very cheery. I wish the post office would produce Europa stamps like those nowadays instead of hiding them away in a vaguely similar themed set. I too have an ageing and slow laptop and like Postcardy I'm hanging on until WIndows 10 in the hope that it will conform to the usual Microsoft operating system release of alternatively being one good and one bad.

  7. I am really happy that I found your blog! I really like it! I think I will visit it regulary!
    And I fully understand your problems with your PC - I have the same with my laptop, not really aging but not also really fast :D
    All the best for you and greetings from Poland! In your free time - if you wish - you can visit my "baby blog" :)


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