Sunday 18 January 2015

Import export

1990 marked the 25th anniversary of Queen's Award for Export and Technology when these two PHQ stamp cards were issued.  It was originally known as the Queen's Award to Industry, became for Export and Technology in 1975, and then in 1992 Environmental Achievement was added too.

I also found this stamp from India, for the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade

which I thought fitted in well with the theme.

I'm continuing to tiptoe around with a poorly computer and, to make things more exciting, an unrelated unreliable internet connection.  Maybe by next week I'll be all singing, all dancing again. Maybe.

This is a post for Sunday Stamps, in its new home at See it on a Postcard!


  1. I have never heard about these facts. The stamps are beautiful, especially the shadows in the first ones.
    Sorry for your computer... :(

  2. These two passed me by. Definitely worth having.

  3. I missed these too, I like the inclusion of the shadow in the design. Hope your computer woes are soon over.

  4. I'm glad to see you, even with a 'sick' computer.

  5. Yes I like the shadow on the globe too. I remember years ago one of our local companies won the award and used to fly a flag with the design.

  6. For something that has been awarded for so may years, I am a little surprised I'd not heard of it before!

  7. I didn't know anything about the facts you wrote about. Interesting!
    Greetings! :)

  8. Nice stamps...let's hope you will be siging and dancing. Any special songs?


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