Friday 27 March 2015

Ready for Spring

open window with plants in pots and gardening tools

The weather is finally getting warmer and people are tending their gardens.  I no longer have a garden, so I tend my pots on my balcony.  I have to recycle and reuse my pots because space is limited.  I noticed today one lonely miniature daffodil emerging where I was expecting mint to grow. It must have been incomplete recycling.

The postcard was sent to me very recently from Germany.

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  1. Hi Shiela! The potted greens on your postcard are invigorating to look at :)

    I live on a flat on the 24th floor so the best I could to have real plants is to keep indoor ones. I keep them near the windows so they could get sunlight and I water them every now and then. I have two potted plants for over a year now and I am alarmed that the leaves are starting to turn yellow. Perhaps I need to do something with the soil ...

    I've been absent from blogging for 11 months! I am preparing for a comeback and visiting blogs that I've always loved for a warm-up exercise :D

    Happy start of spring!

  2. How beautiful this postcard is--so rustic and perfect for Spring. So you garden in pots. I find that to be fascinating. Perhaps that one lone daffydowndilly is a gift of hope to you? :D Have a lovely weekend, my Friend.


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