Saturday, 4 April 2015

D is for Dunes

The view from the top of a dune at Sossusvlei (in Namibia) towards the Naukluft Mountains in the direction of Sesriem, so it says on the back of the card.

Sossusvlei is well known for its red dunes which are among the highest in the world.  They surround a salt and clay depression which sometimes fills up with rainwater in a particularly wet season.  Vlei, in fact, means lake or marsh in Afrikaans.  You can also find Hiddenvlei and Deadvlei.

Interesting, those last two names, the way that they combine Afrikaans and English.  Sossusvlei is similarly of mixed origin in that "sossus" means "dead end" or "no return" in the Nama language. That too conjures up a few thoughts.


  1. This card is stunning! It does look like the end of the world, or even being on another planet.

    You can find me here:

  2. Gorgeous photo. Who knew the desert could be so beautiful?

  3. I agree with Clarabelle about another planet - it almost doesn't look real. Stunning but other wordly.

  4. Dunes have a majestic beauty all their own. I would love to hear Sossusvlei. My guess is it sounds lovely.

  5. Breath taking, I had no idea there were red dunes! You have a very interesting collecting of cards from many different areas.

    Sandy at Bridge and Beyond

  6. What a cool meant to be a pun:) Those red dunes are beautiful in colour

  7. So beautiful! I just watched a show partially about Namibia the other day--the tribal culture is fascinating as well and people do a competitive sport in which they slide down the dunes on a board.

  8. It is pretty though I much prefer lush tropics to desert sand.


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