Tuesday 7 April 2015

F is for the Forth Bridge

Not to be confused with the Forth Road Bridge which came later, the Forth Bridge is a railway crossing which opened in 1890 to cross the Forth Estuary in Scotland.  At the time it had the longest single span cantilever bridge in the world and still is in second place after the Quebec Bridge. Because it was so innovative at the time, it has been put forward to be considered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The saying "like painting the Forth Bridge" to describe a never-ending task never really reflected the actual facts.  However, now it is no longer true at all because the bridge has been completely renovated and has a new technical finish that should last 20 years.

The Forth Road Bridge joined it in crossing the Estuary in 1964, and later this year there will be a third bridge when the Queensferry Crossing opens.

The url on the card is now out of date though it does give a redirect to the new site for the Forth Bridges.  The card itself was sent to me from the Netherlands.


  1. I've actually seen this one and travelled over the road bridge. Many years back my Mum and I did a coach tour in Scotland.

  2. As I went to university in Scotland I have been over this bridge many times, Some English students got howled down in a debate over the Forth Road Bridge in the late 50s for wanting to know what the Scots had done with the 'third'.
    The rail bridge will always be a great feat of engineering.

  3. I love the theme of your blog. What better way to share and get enjoyment out of your collection. I know that collecting postcards was a big thing over here in the 1900's. Do you have many old ones?

    Also, thanks for visiting during the A-Z challenge.

  4. What a neat bridge and the reflection and colours.

  5. That's beautiful! Hope it gets classified as a Heritage Sight. More people will visit and know about it that way.

    Sandy at Bridge and Beyond

  6. On that bridg I could be relly scared - I am usually afraid passing bridges ;)
    I wish you to collect postcard as loong as paiting the Foarth Bridge! :)

  7. I'm always fascinated by postcards and the stories that accompany them - the images on them and the travelers' stories.
    Brandy from Brandy's Bustlings

  8. It really is a pretty bridge though the Golden Gate still holds my heart.


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