Sunday, 19 April 2015


Bear with me while I quickly rectify my mis-scheduled dinosaur post. The good thing is that next Sunday I can relax. :)

The two health related cards I received as a protective layer for some vintage cards I bought on eBay but they seem too good to throw away.  They are free/ad cards so probably nobody wants them.

The first is a Czech card promoting blood donation.  The words mean "Less blood, less help" according to Google.  On the back it asks for help in maintaining the levels of regular blood donors.

The final card, however, is the only health-related stamp card I can lay my hands on just now.

This is a very much last minute, thrown together, post for Sunday Stamps, in its current home at "See it on a Postcard!"


  1. The Czech is great graphic design - simple and effective. It would make the perfect postage stamp.

  2. I've never noticed the chemical symbols on the British Council stamps, the PHQ card shows it off to perfection. Those advert cards were a great bonus to your purchase.

  3. VEry nice, you find such interesting and different cards. Well done.

    Sandy at Bridge and Beyond

  4. Oh dear, and then I add to confusion by being missing in action!! My apologies - internet went down on Saturday morning and it is only now back up. I quite like the second card. And the third one is very nice. I've been catching up on Breaking Bad (no internet, but dvd was working!!) which I never did see on it's initial run, so am into chemical symbols at the moment.

  5. fascinating ....having fun going thru your blog!


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